We do not choose our family. But we can choose Effenti.

Some advantages to work for us and with us:

A young team

We are young in spirit, flexible in our heads and agile in our humor. Welcome!

No hierarchy

Yes, it is possible. Our management model enables everyone to be a stakeholder in the company's business decisions. Here you already have your place, even if you're starting.

Continuous progress

In this field, it's important to go forward. That's why we invest massively in your training and the development of your skills. For you to remain the champion you are today.

Social benefits

All our employees benefit from competitive salaries and many benefits. They could be detailed but this box is clearly too small to contain them all.

Coolness assumed

We love the sincerity of relationships and proximity to people. The idea? Have fun working together and take up some sports challenges from time to time!


Every year, we send people – and not just bosses – to the JavaOne conference. Did you ever spend your holiday in San Francisco?

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