United by IT

Founded in 1997 by a programmer who is both pragmatic and visionary, Effenti has become a company recognized for its talents, expertise in information technology and high value-added services in 20 years.

Today, more than 45 programmers, architects, technicians, trainers and project managers are helping businesses every day to build powerful information systems, integrate new software solutions and Develop customized platforms.


Stéphane Bernier


" Our mission is to make innovation a resolutely human, accessible and profitable adventure. It is to accompany our customers from A to Z in the setting up and updating of their information systems. This is to help them in the day-to-day IT operations and to support their long-term growth. "

United by human values


Because a transparent mandate from the beginning to the end and a team managed in an authentic way always offer the best results.


No flapping, no competition games, no misplaced strategies. For us, being true to our customers and our team, and assuming our personalities and opinions is what is most important.


The key? Build on the strengths and knowledge of our team members. The differences between them are pledge of versatility!

United by the satisfaction of our customers